Thursday, April 16, 2015

Less about me (#2267)

How hard is it to say those words. I am finding that it isn't that hard when I keep my perspective. Usually it is all about ourselves and what we are doing. I get that and for the most part have lived that way most of my life. Like I started out behind and have been trying to just get back to even my whole life. But that isn't what is real. Most everyone of us starts out behind and for the most part we never even get close to even by the end of our lives. I get that as well. It took me long enough to find this truism and thankfully I have arrived in peace with it. So instead of trying to make my life more like I think it should be I try to just do the next right best thing that comes into my life. I don't get to decide what good and/or fair thing to do I just have to do the next good and/or fair thing. So enough about what I want and more about what I can do for those and myself who need what is more necessarily needed. Let me explain this way, I want my legacy to reflect what it is about me that is worthy and honorable. I don't want that to be selfish nor greedy. So here I am wondering what to do next when opportunity arrives. It isn't about how fortunate I may be or how fair life is being to me, it is about what do I do when necessity and opportunity crosses my path. Many times I have said that the chase for wealth and power is overrated. What is more important is how I live and act. Am I someone who is admired for doing things that exemplify care and wonder? Or do I get admiration for being haughty and conniving to get advantages that aren't mine? Life is really simple, and for me to keep myself grounded in who I am and what I do I first must challenge myself to be the best person I want to be regardless of the circumstances or situation. I am being tested daily and for me I feel the joy of success as well as the guilt and remorse of failure. The joy of success is my choice and each day I get closer and closer to having that full time.

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