Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our government reflects our care (#2279)

Our government is the entity that reflects our care. We cannot count on the wealthy to see the difficulties the many rest of us must endure so we set up social programs that try to alleviate the worst of harm caused by inequality, disability and prejudice. When we allow the wealthy, through the Republican party, to take from our government our care for each other is when we see the decline in enlightened civilization. Our society transforms from being a benevolent one into one that is cruel and brutish. This is why we should never let into political power those who want to run our government as a business. it isn't a business, our government is more like a human being who tries to be the best of what humanity can become. The current Republican party is the vehicle for the wealthy to take from "we the people" running our government to the wealthy controlling how our government functions. The sooner those who historically have supported a more compassionate Republican party wake up to the turn for the worse their party has taken the sooner they will able to join the rest of us to oust Republicans from control. Our past human history has shown us the oppression and subjugation a society has to endure while be controlled by a few powerful souls. It is ugly and some of the worst representations of how bad humanity can be to itself. We overcame that a few centuries ago and established a country that is ruled by the people, not just the wealthy. But if we don't snap out of our inability to recognize the theft of our democracy from us by the wealthy then we are no better than the frog who stays in the slowly warming pot unaware that it is reaching it's boiling point and we will be cooked by it. The greatest purpose each of we Americans have right now is to protect our democratic way of life, before we wake up and realize it is already gone.

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