Saturday, April 25, 2015

Our proving ground (#2276)

This is what my life is here in this existence. Since I am only alive for a short time here the idea that what I do matters becomes increasingly clear. It is not just some random event for me, despite that possibility. I believe I am here with all that I am, not as a random occurrence but as a sign of what I am becoming. I have always felt a kinship with our Universe in some unexplainable way, not as a religious God worshiping soul but as a part of what this existence can and could be. What I contribute to the record of all life is important to me as the highest priority. It is easy to forget that and fall into the passions and desires of the day and allow myself to consider only my own self and my needs. Yet I don't fall into that easy trap anymore because I know how hollow and unfulfilled a life it is. So instead I work everyday to remember what is best about me and what I want for all of us. I gain a perspective that exhilarates me and as well fills me with resolve. I am proud of who I am now and what I stand to be scrutinized for. This is my proving ground so to speak. My life is an examined one by me and any and all who can be objectively honest. I find less and less fault and negative traits for me to reverse about myself and instead I see more and more positive acts and thoughts that occupy my time. Our species is important to me and so are the lesser species'. The compassion in my heart for all things is only rivaled by my curiosity for all that I can process. Several years ago I came to the realization that we humans have two dominant traits, compassion and curiosity. I live those traits now and for what it is worth that is how I prove myself. As I continue to live a more compassionate and curious life I get that much closer to proving to myself and to the history of time that I matter and that my purpose here in this existence is of a positive value in shaping the future of our species.

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