Monday, April 27, 2015

Politics is simple, do no harm (#2278)

Even a greater priority than doing good is doing no harm. I feel kind of foolish for having to say this but the Republican party has driven me here by their open threats to do just that, harm. By protecting rapists and blatantly starving children as just a couple of examples we see that Republicans have an agenda that does start with doing harm so that we are distracted from their real purpose to further enrich the already too wealthy. The Republican strategy of playing us off against our own weakling fears and intolerant prejudices is working well and with all that infighting among us non-wealthy to occupy us, Republicans are free to continue to press for greater wealth rights for their real base, the top 1% of wealthy in America. If you think that understanding politics is too hard for the otherwise time strapped regular person, think again, it isn't. Just remember that if it does harm to regular people then it is a bad policy. So who is doing the most harm to regular people? Start by knowing that Republicans want to take our social safety net and either privatize it to the wealthy so that the wealthy may profit from it or eliminate it altogether. That is harm to regular folks. Republicans are against Universal medical coverage, or as we have now to a lesser extent, Obamacare that gives regular folks the great opportunity to have health coverage, that is a harm to regular folks. Republicans make voting more difficult for the student, elderly and women. This is harm to the regular person. Republicans are more apt to start a war than to negotiate a peace. There is no doubt that regular persons are the unlucky beneficiary of this immoral harm. The regular person is only as good as cannon fodder for the Republican war hawks who like to start wars and let the non-wealthy fight them. Politics is simple if you just think in terms of who is being harmed.

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