Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rage is a response to senselessness (#2280)

I do not condone violence as a solution. Yet when there is nothing left for those who have had enough, then at least I can understand it. We are human and are prone to being emotional about those things that rile our anger, especially when the riling of our anger is not appeased with solutions that are fair. The utter mess that has become synonymous with Baltimore, Maryland is just such an example. Where the serve and protect police force has become something beyond that. A mindset of strong arm tactics aimed at the populace there has root in the general attitude our society prevails upon those who are "others" and/or "poor". It isn't just happening in isolated places. Throughout our country there are police forces gearing up and actuating military style assaults directed at historically suspicious Americans. We have become the enemy to ourselves based upon some general fear that has been propagated by too many right wing bull horns. So now that the pot has been stirred the result is a mishmash of unequal and uneven violence under the color of authority against those who are more vulnerable and less able to defend themselves. The application of laws is as well uneven in that the wealthy are rarely accused or convicted of law breaking when they have indeed broken the law and are less subject to strong arm police tactics as well. While the poor and the less fortunate are the focus of law breaking and are treated with so much less respect and much more heavy handed abusive control. Our nation is being ripped apart along the lines of wealth, race and privilege and although the ones who are hurt the most by this are being systematically restricted in engaging in the necessary political solutions to correct it, such is the result of rage exemplified. Where no other recognizable recourse can be found rage will appear and demonstrate itself.

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