Thursday, April 9, 2015

The courage of your convictions (#2260)

We should all have to wear a scorecard declaring what we vote for in our politics. For us to hide our decisions doesn't serve our nation well in that we don't have to defend our choices whether logical or not. To hide behind our silence when voting is cowardly and not worthy of our species. There is no doubt to my convictions when voting since I devote this blog and my Internet activity to declaring and explaining my choices. I am not ashamed of how I vote, on the contrary I am proud of it. I am a human being who is an enlightened soul capable of intellect and emotion. I use all my abilities to understand the policies of the day and how they effect all of us. As I reach my conclusions on a variety of issues I allow for them to be scrutinized by others who are objective in their reasoning. If I am short on my reasoning after others have weighed in their scrutiny on my conclusions then I change how I think and recalculate how my conclusions need to be modified, if necessary. I am okay with learning no matter how old I get. I am not ashamed either of being seen as not as smart as I could be since I am just one human in a world with over 7 billion. My own standing in the world is irrelevant to me and the most important thing for me is to be the best human being I can be regardless of my inherent and environmental, personal deficiencies. All of this to say that I stand by how I vote and anyone who wants to know may easily find out from me or my writings. We all need to be as open about how we see our lives playing out and what our future should represent. Stand by what is best within you and never, ever, compromise on the idea of being treated, as you would treat others.

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