Monday, April 6, 2015

The insatiable quest for greedy profit will be the end of us (#2257)

Capitalism has it's good points and we should honor those but capitalism that is unchecked has a destructive side to it that will destroy us. Too many who see profit as the bottom line in their thinking are less likely to honor moral and ethical business principles, even when they are inscribed into law. That ever pushing of the envelope to maximize profit at all costs is destroying what community we have built up over the life of our American democracy. The idea that profit should not be allocated toward the betterment of our society through taxation has taken hold and is now starting to feed upon itself in ways that undermine society and a healthy middle class. No more are the days when we all could recognize a duty to our country through sharing in the profits with those who put their back into achieving success. There now is a mindset that only those who have wealth are to share in it's accumulation. Sure workers are given an ever decreasing amount to subsist on but not enough for them to improve their lives. The inherent greed that profiteers are now outwardly boasting about is even being supported by Republican politicians and conservative majorities on our policy adjudicating courts. It is as if the wealthy are not interested in our democratic society as an ideal and have taken the approach of many multinational corporations of bounding themselves to no one through allegiance but themselves. These increasing corporate dynasties are now their own political and societal forces eager to claim a sovereign power of their own making. Profit is the impetus for their rationale and as long as the majority of us continue to allow them to erode our democratic government in the name of austerity we will soon enough find ourselves without the protections our government has historically provided and protected for us.

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