Sunday, April 19, 2015

The unknown is where possibility lies (#2270)

I don't accept anything that tells me to be afraid of what I don't know. Nothing in this existence is scary to me except not being able to discover. I have such a need to know that I have concluded that my curiosity is at the heart of my being. I also care, which is the second component at the heart of my being, but for today it is my curiosity that I will examine and defend. Anything that is based upon logic and science will get my attention as to being real and factual. So, armed with an open mind and the ability to reason, analyze and conclude, I advance into the unknown with a courage and boldness bestowed upon us all as basic human beings. I will say this here again, no being that has ever existed in our history has the capabilities that we humans have. Think again about this, we are biological data processing sensors with memory. Because of these unique abilities we can create and innovate through our imaginations. Now we can let our imaginations scare and put fear into us if we so choose, however it is not what I choose. I prefer to take what could be and search to find if it can exist. I see only one way forward based upon the positive aspects of our best qualities. I am a leader of myself that has no fear to know what I don't know. On the contrary, I have an insatiable desire to know all that I possibly can. For me, moving forward into the present and future requires me to investigate all of existence with an objectively open mind. I will not shackle or fetter myself with customs and mores that deny me the right to know what I don't know. I won't allow inhibition or prohibition through superstition or myth to allay me from grabbing this world with both hands and shaky the Earth to find out all of it's secrets. Life is too short for me not to be the best organic bank of processed information and calculated possibilities. The unknown is my destination and I am determined to discover it.

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