Thursday, July 9, 2015

From intolerance toward tolerance (#2351)

An American state voted yesterday to end the practice of flying the confederate battle flag over the public grounds of the state capitol. The governor of said state will sign the ban into effect either today or tomorrow and the flag will come down. Now this is a Southern state that has a long history of racial tension. The confederate battle flag was the symbol used as a defense of slave owner's rights. There is little disagreement with that in any logical argument. So bringing down this flag, a symbol of slavery, is long overdue, 150 years long overdue. But as some things in life take time to find the correction necessary to make it right so it is with this vote from yesterday. The idea of slavery has been exposed as an egomaniacal, psychotic/sociopathic outlook that still sees people as property and not as free human beings. A literal taking down of a symbol and the acceptance that is is a blight upon a civilized society, is a shift in the stubborn will and ignorant defense of it's continued flying on state grounds. The Southern states, which did most of the deploying of slavery during the early part of our country's formation, seem to be finally trying to shake off the idea that people of one race are more equal than people of another race. This is only a beginning but like all great policy paradigm shifts, they must have a significant starting point. This may prove to be that point for the South to shed it's label of being the last bastion of promoted racial intolerance. Too be sure other regions of our nation have tolerance issues but none as big as the burden the southern states have carried. The good people who now reside in the South seem to have the upper hand in the psychological battle to recognize that we are all of the human race first and foremost.

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