Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Idealism is possible with effort (#2357)

What we hold as perfect examples of equality, fairness and opportunity can be reality. If our laws were truly blind and deaf to all, and all things being equal, we could always have a beginning that then depended upon our merit to define our lives. All we need is the same starting point in life that cannot be greater or lesser than anyone else. Rich, poor or physically incapacitated, the beginning should have no restriction. With some disabilities the opportunity needs to be sufficient to allow for an equal beginning and that is right and good. But in no case shall one equally able human being be given an advantage over another equally able human being. This is an idealistic approach, where the respect and honor of life is given at birth and continues through life based upon what we, individually, do with that respect and honor. Anyone caught manipulating or denying such rights shall be punished in a way that befits the crime being perpetrated without impunity. I keep thinking about how history may view our choices now about we here on Earth, while seeing we understand logic but were incapable of applying it to ourselves in an overall rational way. Our species is still struggling to find our way as a civilized society and that is our problem. We perpetuate the lack of logic in too many areas of our societies. We have too many politicians who desire not to improve our society but instead to muddle about without having a clearly articulated vision to resolve our current issues. This is not a game folks, this is about the future of our species and how we manifest our destiny not just here on Earth but out into the vast Universe. By allowing for all to participate in our futures, thus allowing for a greater insight into our possibilities, we are giving existence the collective best we have to offer.

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