Monday, July 20, 2015

Never stop being hopeful (#2362)

There is one thing no one can take from you, your hope. I know that situations and circumstances beat us down and in the short term nothing good seems possible, but we have within us hope for possibility and if we never let that go by choice we will always have a chance for something better in our lives. This is the faith by which I live. If I don't give up I have a chance. That is the only thing I can control for sure, my persistence to persevere. This blog is a manifestation of that value. Every day I get up with the idea that I have something relevant to say that might just benefit one person. I get to do that here and even if not every day anyone gets anything from me, there are other days where I do make a difference in some people's lives. When we open ourselves up to others they get to compare and contrast their lives with ours. They get another clear example that we are not all so different from each other. At our cores most of us have the same motivation about life. We want life to be good and prosperous while also being fair and opportune. I know when I see unfairness or inequality on a basic level I am charged inside with a will and determination to denounce it and to advocate for it's change. No matter how many times I see a different iteration of harm or injustice it instills in me the same fire to thwart it. That is my hope, to have a better world all around me that includes all of us not just some of us. I am not one of those who thinks we should be competing against each other for basic survival. I see us having a foundation from which we all get to start out in life with some degree of respect and honor and then move on with our own merit. Hope is my vision for that and hope will be the force that drives me toward it all the moments of my life.

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