Thursday, July 30, 2015

Republicans, always protecting the tax dodgers (#2372)

What Republicans don't get about living in a democratic society is that all need to pay their taxes in a progressive way. The more you make the more duty you have to pay a higher rate. It is how we recirculate dollars back into our economy. Our government doesn't keep the tax dollars in offshore bank accounts accruing interest and not stimulating new businesses. On the contrary, our government spends the tax dollars on programs that improve our citizens' chances of successful business and life opportunities. The rest goes towards our foreign policies and defense. At least in an intelligently run democracy. Not so with ours at this time. We have Republicans in control of too many elected offices who want to only pay back favors to those who got them elected by promoting policies that unevenly benefit their wealthy backers. What Republicans do is squash laws that would force the repatriation of overseas tax dollars hidden in bank accounts so that their backers can continue to use our democratic institutions here in America for their benefit without having to be responsible to create new business opportunities here. They have enough of a monopoly on important businesses that they would prefer not to have any competition at all. You see it all the time, large corporations buying up other large corporations as a way to thin the selling market to their advantage. Republicans cannot see beyond their own greedy growing lying noses as they continue to tell us that when the wealthy get the bulk of the profits it will trickle down to us. Not so when the profits sit in overseas bank accounts. That is the obvious conclusion I have come to but a more dark sinister conclusion is also viable. Republicans are trying hard to destroy our current democracy in order to form a more religious one. Think about that for a moment, taking our hard fought for right to rule ourselves and replacing it with an oligarchy based upon on a religion. Seems to me that George Washington and company would jump out of their graves and declare another independence from Republicans.

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