Saturday, July 18, 2015

Republicans main goal, make the wealthy wealthier (#2360)

Now that the Republican agenda of making the wealthy even wealthier is evident we can surely see who is responsible for income inequality. There is only so much money any one economy can have fluctuating about in it's commercial transactions and if Republicans continue to work to give it to the wealthy then there is less for the non wealthy to accumulate. We know that the wealthy, for the most part, like to put their wealth in overseas banks in order to avoid paying American taxes. By doing this the wealthy not only shirk their duty to abide by their responsibility to their own country but they also deprive our American economy of the capital that is not being churned throughout our economic system. the scarcity of this overseas banked capital, leaves too many of us down at the bottom rung of our economies without opportunity to acquire this banked capital through work, enterprise nor through innovation. We are an economy that has the wherewithal to create new paradigms for modernization but not the capital required to make it so. So as the majority, and I mean the bottom 90%, has little opportunity left for capital acquirement, Republicans work diligently to make it even worse. They want to cut government spending, not where it needs to be cut in the defense department and in tax subsidies for wealthy and profitable corporations, but instead in social programs that help the sick and disabled and those in need of food and education. I am not making this up at all so please feel free to fact check anything I have said here. How anyone with a right mind in this day and age of easy access to information can vote for Republicans is mind numbing to me. The justifications I have heard are not logical nor are they caring. It seems too many of our American electorate have lost it's collective mind and instead has embraced a selfish greedy survival of the fittest mindset. What a disgrace and surely our downfall as a democratic society is approaching fast. There is time to move back to a society based upon equality, fairness and opportunity but it must happen quickly or the worst of who we are will be the best we have to offer to our future.

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