Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Republican strategy, blame and ignore (#2343)

Republicans like to blame anyone other than themselves while doing nothing to find solutions that actually help solve problems. I don't understand why they have fallen down on helping to improve our society. Apparently they're party ranks are filled with disagreeable and non-insightful souls. And for those who have a tradition of voting as a proud Republican and have yet to see that their pride in their party has no basis for pride, yet keep voting for them anyway, I say wake up and inform yourself objectively. The Republican propaganda machine is thick with distortion and lies so do yourself a favor and research in all areas of information, not just your favorite Republican source. That is the difference in a huge way between Democrats and Republicans, we Democrats are willing to look at all the evidence and apply reason, analysis and conclusion to our findings, whereas Republicans are only able to look at some evidence and even when it is not in alignment with their beliefs, they will apply cognitive dissonance to it and either blame the fact givers or ignore the reality. How can one associate with a political party that spends it's time being so undemocratic and ignorant of current and future events as defined by science and our logical processes? When I hear the term dumbing down our society I feel in my bones the fact of it. Too many of us are not even able to engage on a level worthy of the term, intellectual discourse. So debate through logical argument with a Republican is akin to throwing good money after bad. I have tried so many times to use logic to persuade any Republican that facts are more concrete than beliefs yet I always fail with them because despite the truth of a fact, Republicans find that their individual beliefs trump facts. It is a tragedy that too many of our citizens are so ill informed and unwilling to fight for greater educational opportunities. As long as they have their belief systems, logical knowledge is not important to them.

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