Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sports, music and a buzz are keeping us from what rottenness is happening to us (#2368)

Instead of watching a news show or researching on the internet the policies and politicians that are affecting them, we turn on sports or music channels, open a can or bottle of alcohol, roll a doobie or line a mirror and immerse ourselves into that. It is our escape hatch that we enjoy far more than the hard truth of reality. We are an escapist society here in America. We don't want to face that which we aren't forced to unless we are on the clock. Once we are done with our workday, we have to escape to a place that makes us feel good or better than what reality offers. The problem with that is that while we are escaping, other more nefarious souls are stealing our rights from us. Oh, not so much as to make you angry but enough each day that you don't really think much of it. Like the frog in the pot of water who doesn't recognize that the water is slowly reaching it's boiling point, we both will be cooked by not recognizing it. That is why I am writing this here, not so much for the frog to understand, lol. but so that those of us who would rather escape reality than face anything beyond what we have to. By escaping, we are not present in the building and improvement of our society. By escaping we are more prone to be known in the history books of the future as the ones who let slip away democracy to a bunch of worthless thieves who took advantage of us while we were getting baked and/or otherwise occupied with our sports or music. I love sports and music but I what I love even more is my democracy and for me to have to be writing this is just how bad it has gotten. All of us need to do more in reality where there is no immediate payout. We need to put ourselves out there with our intelligent and common sense principled backed policies. Those of us who choose to then escape reality, after we have conquered those who would steal our democracy, then so be it. Now is not the time however and we are all needed to do our duty in this intense battle for the will of our government.

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