Friday, July 31, 2015

The arrogance of the supposed informers (#2373)

Too many talking heads have taken on a stature they have given to themselves as the thinkers of the rest of us. They determine what is worthy of discussion and blatantly press their opinions into them. The absurdity that follows is lost on them but they care not a wit since they get to give their triumphal opines as more fact than what they really are, disjointed fiction. I rarely watch news shows or commentary journalism since it is most always slanted toward an extreme cause or point of view. There is less fact involved in their reporting and more towards harsh judgments. Events and circumstances are what should be reported and that should always be the starting point of an informed conversation. I enjoy hearing all different points of view on subjects and for that I am fortunate. I get to discern the validity of these points of view through logic, science and common sense. My own personal morality also plays a role but less so since we are all equal in the eyes of the law and my morality is not the same in every way as anyone else's. It is in the reporting of facts and possible solutions that I get to be informed and appreciate the reporting. However, too many information pushers also have an agenda and that agenda is less about revealing facts and more about swaying opinion. I have had enough of the opinion swayers since none of them see the world through my eyes so my own thoughts are of a higher priority and value than someone who is trying to think for me. I suppose what really galls me is the arrogant information peddlers have a condescension to the rest of us that is not only obvious but is vile in my eyes. Yet they continue like nothing is wrong and apparently in their perspective nothing is wrong when they get to tell us how to think.

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