Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The desperation of the uninformed (#2363)

I have had a couple of political encounters lately with some adversaries, Republican defenders, who have come at me with the fallacy of illogic. It is mind puzzling to me that a simple lesson has gone unheeded. If you don't know what you are talking about then don't talk, just listen and become informed. Not so lately with these folks who are suffering from a lack of information. First they denigrate the Dodd/Frank legislation that attempts to regulate Wall Street as a failure, while it is their party that has defanged the law through their conservative regulators and Wall Street lobbyists. So they blame Democrats for a failed law while they were the ones who are causing it to be less effective. Nice gig, if you are a hypocrite and too many don't know the truth. Second, they want to compare our President Obama with a previous Republican President Reagan by saying that Obama is no Reagan, like it is slap in the face to try to elevate President Obama up to the level of a President Reagan. I cannot fathom how contrary their statement is. President Reagan and his Republican acolyte legislator's policies have been destroying the middle class for decades while his arms to Iran deal conclusively points out that it is President Reagan who is no President Obama. It is becoming quite clear the Republicanism is in it's death throes as the arguments for the party's stature and effectiveness is resorting to illogical contrary arguments with no validity. Only the uninformed still rally to their cause through racist and elitist tactics. I can only conclude that anyone who has the ability to understand and store knowledge will be able to easily recognize the desperation that Republicans bring as their feeble attempt to convince us that they are the true leaders of our society. I would laugh at the idea of it but it is too serious not to crush it wherever it raises it's desperate head.

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