Friday, July 10, 2015

The enlightenment of progress is inevitable (#2352)

It may take centuries or just days but eventually progress will win the day. The only thing that could stop progress is the mindless destruction of ourselves on whole. We may be many things we human beings but species suicidal is not one of them. Each of us fights to survive from birth and then on through the majority of our lives. It is instinctual for us to survive. We crave survival as if it were oxygen or water. I state that we have two natural instincts within us, curiosity and care. But I also state that an interweaving third rail of natural instinct resides within us, survival. We must live as a fact of our existence, therefore living is our main objective. It is in how we live that we find our curiosity and our compassion. Through our compassion and curiosity we discover progress. From learning to utilize fire through to learning how to operate our computer devices, we are on an endless pathway toward enlightened living. This is progress, from out houses of the past to indoor plumbing in our present, we keep innovating and creating new ways to either simplify our lives as needed or complicate them by going to the moon and beyond. We are that dynamic a species that simple and complicated are both equally desired. We are the first species to lift ourselves off our planet and touch new ground on another orb. No other species has devised a scientific method for that kind of achievement. We are amazing and nothing seems to be an obstacle to us being even more amazing except maybe our fear. Yet our courage is even stronger and although fear may rule some days it will always lose to courage. That is how we have evolved from the cowering caveman who was frightened of fire to the towering homosapiens who have harnessed nuclear power. Our species is inevitable!

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