Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The lying hucksters on radio, television, newspapers and the Internet (#2371)

Anytime anyone says they got a message from god or some other unexplainable source you know you are in the presence of a huckster. The only "message" anyone gets is through logic and common sense, anything else is just manipulation by one or more in order to control others or gain some financial way. This isn't that hard folks. Using mysticism or superstition to sway and guide people from logic and common sense should be recognizable to any who have a normal functioning thought process. Reason to analysis and then concluding is the normal thought process. Any person in the media paradigm who at any time uses hate, racism, elitism or any other divisive intolerant tool is a huckster. Their choice to be a huckster is a conscious one. They have sold some part of themselves for some kind of gain either through fear or some form of sociopathic/psychopathic anomaly. How they can spew some of the crap I hear and see is beneath dignity and respect. Yet too many of us are not doing our duty in calling them out for their vile attempts to distort the truth or in too many cases destroy the truth and replace it with out and out lies. There is not one soul on this Earth that has my respect when logic and common sense is devoid from their thinking or their dialogue. I have no time for the ridiculousness of harm to others or the hate it instills. I am but one man who will not tolerate petty cowardly people to sway innocent people from the truth of things. I will never back down from being a defender of right and good despite the army of disinformation talking heads out there who are only interested in serving up the lies they spew for pay. Remember, the key to honorable logic and common sense is that no "harm" is done to anyone. If there is harm done then the huckster employing the illogic needs and should be shut down in a most contemptible way.

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