Monday, July 13, 2015

The peddlers of ignorance and fear have much to gain (#2355)

Even ignorance is a capitalistic venture. When a person or a group of persons have no clue as to how to survive in a capitalistic system that requires imagination and innovation as a starting point then their best alternative to becoming successful is to peddle fear and ignorance. We get it in religion, politics and economics. When the leaders of our churches stand up at the pulpit and demand that God has said that some things are good and some things are not and then begin to give a laundry list of what is good and what is not outside of general principles then we see ignorance and fear on display to corral us to their interpretation through religious dogma. When we see a political party tell us what we should be doing on an illogical philosophical level while ignoring what is actually happening to us is when we see ignorance and fear on display. The Republican party has been most adept at scaring and ill informing us about what could be while never implementing anything toward solving our short and long term problems. Keeping us in the dark while Republican politicians slowly remove our rights under a democracy driven government is their goal and it is just because we do not dwell outside our ignorance and fear enough that they do so. They perpetuate the fear and ignorance and then blame us and therefore want to control us. Callous trick these Republicans are playing on us! Our economics is as cruel as well. Offering mostly low paying jobs as a rule while at the same time blaming us for not working hard enough to earn enough to secure a decent life. These peddlers of ignorance and fear reside in the Republican party and their wealthy donors who benefit financially off an ignorant and fearful workforce. The survival of the fittest capitalistic way is growing too strong too fast and will be the death of our democracy. Foolhardy we are for letting Republicans make us dumb and scared and then blame us for it. Shall we fire them this coming next national election?

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