Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The proving grounds (#2370)

I like to think of my being alive as my proving grounds. The place where I come to exist in order to find out who I am and what I stand for. I know who I am, a good decent human being who is trying mightily to be a better human being. I also know what I stand for, everything good in life that has no harm to it. Simple really. No great revelation or long complicated explanation, being better and doing no harm. Every day is a new chance to prove who I am and what I stand for. It takes conviction and courage but those are two things to which I have a massive supply. So when any small or large problem enters my day I can reasonably be assured I will be prepared. For instance, I don't reflect in the past or daydream about the future, instead I am just ready for the present. The future and the past will be what they are regardless if I contemplate on them. As to being prepared for the future that is exactly what I am doing by being ready in the present. As to reflecting on the past, there will be time enough for that when I am in my last days if I am so fortunate not to be taken suddenly. What I do have is today. This moment and hopefully the next moment as well, so what I do with them is of the highest priority with me. I don't expect a lot out of myself but I do expect quality. Whatever I do must be my best effort regardless of priority. I have a lifetime of work to accomplish every day even though it may be just being alive. There is no insignificant act or thought. Everything serves a purpose so the building blocks are usually small but the final outcome is not. The proving grounds is where I live and nothing less. I am not some random soul who is existing for no rational reason. I am of a purpose to which I believe to be fact. I cannot say why or how but through a faith of sorts I hold dear to it and as I see nature and humanity on this planet I do sense that my instinct to be better and to stand for good without harm is a perfect purpose for me.

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