Saturday, July 4, 2015

We celebrate the symbol of our hard fought freedom, our American flag (#2346)

It is always an honor for me to go out to the front of the house and place my American flag in it's mount for all to see. Our American flag represents democracy in action. Our American flag represents those souls who are no longer with us who fought and died protecting and defending democratic values over the span of time since our Declaration of Independence from Britain. It is just a symbol but as far as I go, it is much much more. Our American flag embodies the principles for which I have dedicated my life. I have not always been a great defender of those principles of honor, justice, respect and duty, but for the most part I have been, and in all the actions in the comprehensive life of me our flag has been at the heart of me. I have seen recently where some citizens in Southern states have taken it upon themselves to celebrate their Confederate flag instead of our American flag. Somehow they have deluded themselves into thinking that they are justified and rightly proud to honor a flag whose message of slavery and defiance from American democracy, is a higher ideal than the one that allows them to be defiant. The absurdity and sadness of those who still honor a Confederate flag that was defeated and disgraced in the short era of it's creation is still a scourge to a healthy tolerant and diverse America. There is a sickness that is prevalent in too many white human beings who place themselves above other races for no other purpose than to lord over them. In fact too many of these diseased minded white folks would rather a Nazi German solution had prevailed in order to cleanse the Earth of non-white beings. The hatred it takes to hold such a view is sociopathic in nature and traitorous to the human race on whole. Our American flag is more than cloth or a symbol, it is an idea that the greater nature of humanity is alive and well in our much sacrificed for democracy.

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