Wednesday, July 22, 2015

We should not be afraid to be alive (#2364)

Life should not be about fear. Life should be about discovery. How do we get from a society that has traditionally been about fear and desperate survival to a society that has a foundation below us that eliminates our fears about whether we can survive? This is what I fight for every day of my life. No one, not the desperate in other countries nor the desperate here at home should have to beg for their life. We are not immortal so it is incumbent upon us to sacrifice what we can as a body to protect and nurture those who come after us. We are not the end all to end all, we are just another link in the chain that defines our species. What will our contribution to our species entail? Nothing or worse or something of value? Every life born to our species is of value. We don't know how or when but each of us is uniquely able to be impactful in ways that progress our best natures and our intellect. If we can all start from a safe harbor, we can then focus our minds and souls on what is out ahead of us instead of on the daily scrabble of just staying alive. The importance of treating all humans with the dignity and respect of a minimum foundation from which to exist from is not some radical idea, it is a natural progression of our evolutionary being. We have moved from the basic family structure to a more complex social bond. Our beings are intertwined in ways that demand a level of equality when we begin our lives so that no one is left unable to have the right to seize their own possible future. A foundation or floor from which we all begin from is not a bad thing it is actually a good thing. When we all start from a perspective of inclusion our values are more rightly aligned and the idea of a consensus on the future comes about more readily. Our natures demand that we care for each other and that we knowledgeably discover where we are and where we could go. Having all of us doing just such things is the best of who we are when we do it together.

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