Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What we hold dear (#2350)

I was reminded yesterday of the importance of someone in my life who helped in a large way to shape the man I am now. As life goes on and our daily struggles fill our thoughts, it was sad yesterday to hear of the passing of one such soul who lived a hard life in his early years but reformed himself and dedicated his life to living a Christian life. Now few in this world actually live a Christian life, surely there are too many who like to live a Christian life when it is convenient or when they feel guilt, but few actually live the principles of helping his fellow man every day of his life. This one fellow was such a man. He took in those who were left in life with little hope. He took into his family those who were heading for more trouble. He took in those of us who didn't have anything to believe in that even resembled a purpose for our lives. He spent long and countless hours giving of himself, his mind and his soul to anyone who need only ask. there was no expectation of receiving from him, only his expectation to give where the giving was in need. There are very few great men who live among us and often we don't recognize them until they are no longer with us. Such now is the case with Bud Hackney. A man who worked as hard as any man I have ever met. A man who would only get about 4 hours sleep at night in order to be there for all who were in his large circle of friends and family. The one thing I have learned with my time being in Bud's sphere of life is that a positive outlook is much more attractive when it is lived like there is no tomorrow. Bud died having only lived 79 plus years but the quality of his living will only be matched by few who live much longer. A part of me is saddened and stunned that he is gone from this world but a bigger part of me is fortunate to have had, although sleight of stature, an amazing man whose presence was immense, as a mentor such as he.

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