Wednesday, September 30, 2015

That pheromone thing (#2434)

I gotta tell you, I find this is a real thing for me. There are just some souls out there that I feel such an attraction to that I can't explain with vocabulary but instead with chemistry. Surely I am not the only one who has experienced attraction on sight without knowing a thing about the other person. I don't know much about it other than it is a real thing with me. I suppose there is a chemical makeup within all of us that has either a sameness or a polar opposite that influences our thinking and feelings. I am not saddened by this since it is a magical experience that isn't about logic or reason, it is just a sensation that has the force of our greatest wills. lol. Anyway, the fact of it's being with me is enough to make me smile when I think of myself attracted to another without even knowing why or how. It has happened enough in my life for me to have figured out that not all of these attractions are healthy or sane. Hopefully we find the one that will give us the greatest companionship in life but there are obviously no guarantees. This is why I cannot abide these arranged marriages or marriages brought about due to other considerations than attraction. I don't try to swim against the tide of who I am as a human whether I understand it or not. We, all of us humans from the beginning of our time have been lost as to our fully understood purpose in this existence so to ignore the nature of our being is to deny that we aren't in control of our destiny. We do not control our fates in a perfect way so what we experience must be given due deference as part of who we are. That is how I look at life and until someone gives me a better picture of what life really is from its inception outside of belief systems I will continue to allow the senses that emanate from me to have a home in my life.

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