Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A brighter future by voting for Democrats (#2447)

We need to give ourselves a break. We working/middle/poor class have had the short end of the stick for so long that many in our society have not known a thriving society like we had in the 50's and 60's. The current status quo of mediocre jobs and low wages is all many in our society have ever known. This doesn't have to be so. We have one sure fire opportunity coming up in about a year's time, making a vote for Democrats everywhere. For many illogical reasons we have given over to Republicans too much of our trust to make our lives better. They have failed at that task at every turn, so enough of them and their false promises of prosperity for the working/middle/poor class. Democrats on the other hand have found their courage and fortitude in taking on the wealthy where the wealthy have dominated our society. A small grouping of greedy capitalists has overrun the rest of the capitalists who are not greedy, and are now willing and able to fight them to bring our working/middle/poor class back up to an economic level that is both desirable and necessary. The task is daunting since the greedy capitalists have already got their hooks into the Republican party so deep that no amount of persuasion will move Republicans from fighting for them. They also control the media in ways that the truth of factual narratives is lost in the illusion of their agenda. The effort it will take to inform and motivate the low information voters toward the truth is surmountable but only if we clamor with all our might and passion in every way possible. I have thrown aside any relationship in my life that is still bogging me down with conservative nonsense as believable. Nothing will get in my way to stand up for liberal/progressive policies, not even the emotional attachments we all seek to fulfill our lives.

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