Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Capitalism run amok (#2441)

The sacredness that capitalism has within too many souls seems to have been confused with democracy. Capitalism is where trade and industry are run by private concerns, not the government. So in that world there would be a system much like Republicans are striving to attain. Where the captains of industry and trade make all the decisions about economic concerns of the whole of our citizenry. Where no collective bargaining or minimum wages would exist. Now democracy, which is the collection of all eligible citizens, makes the will of their interests known through their representatives. In this way, capitalism is a subset of democracy and answers to the will of the people and not the captains of industry. I am all for capitalistic values of hard work equating to merit and creativity and innovation equating to profit, but not without an oversight that regulates the inverse and adverse effects of extremism within these paradigms. We cannot have a purely capitalistic society since all those majority many who do not succeed have no other recourse for survival outside of begging for mercy. Neither can we have a non capitalistic society where no one has to do anything to survive. There must be a balance where there is no floor from which any soul may drop below as well as no ceiling that the wealthy can rise above. A healthy society includes all of its members and expects its members to have a duty to maintain the society through voting and participation. Democracy is our number one objective in society and all else flows from it. Capitalism is a tool for us to improve our society while giving us all something to value with our time and energy. Capitalism is just one avenue within our democracy for us to achieve our end, happiness and fulfillment, not despair and anguish.

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