Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fight or cower, the choice is yours (#2461)

You can tell what kind of character a person has just by what they stand for or hide from. We all go through stages in our lives where the lines get blurred and it isn't always easy to fight what is right and good. I get that and have my own experiences to show for it. Yet, when push comes to shove I fight. I don't cower from aggression or fear. I fight. For a good part of my life I wasn't in control of my faculties enough of the time to be able to distinguish what my true behavior should be. I have rectified that by being in control of my faculties at all times so that whatever comes my way I have the proper although often imperfect response available. I get that I am not some superhero but I am a superhero type. I hate brutish behavior, I hate oppression and I hate injustice, to name a few. So when confronted by these nefarious acts I rebel in the face of them. It is my honor to fight against what is worst about our natures. It is a privilege I get to be part of justifying proper and ethical behavior. I am not perfect but I damn well try to be at all times. This is what fighting is all about. That I have to fight is not my first choice but often I am not given a choice so the only choice I have is to fight or cower. I choose to fight since cowering is a deflating cowardly act. I have been a coward a time or two in my life and it is nothing I ever want to experience again. No matter how hard I might try to justify being a coward it isn't ever worthy of being human. So with mistakes like that behind me I find that fighting is the only last resort I have in a bag of responses I keep close. If I cannot use logic or common sense persuasion to stop bad behavior then I damn sure will fight to stop it. It is refreshing to know that fear isn't the factor that makes me decide, instead it is a process of doing wherever I can do to the best of who I am.

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