Friday, October 9, 2015

Gun control (#2443)

I am fine with people who use guns for recreational purposes and there should be some kind of regulation that allows for just that, but this insane lack of any process to keep us from the wild west days is immature and deathly. How many of us citizens are going to have to die at the hands of people who should not be allowed anywhere near a weapon of murder. How many children will have to die because gun owners and manufacturers fail to want to keep them safe? I like the idea of self protection like most all of us do but there has to be a line that we are not willing to cross when it comes to weapons. Anything that can cause death with little to no physical effort needs to be as highly regulated as we do with rapid firing weapons. There has to be a safe way for persons to enjoy the satisfaction of firing projectiles at appropriate targets but not at the expense of logic and common sense. Switzerland is wrongly used as an example of a nation that safely allows it's citizens to own guns and is very low in gun deaths. What the protectors of no regulations on guns fail to mention is that although the Swiss have guns, they don't have ammunition. they have to go to approved gun ranges in order to fire their weapons. I know I would love it if we were able to do the same here but the fear and lie that we need our weapons and ammo to protect ourselves from some imaginary boogeyman government is absurd and paranoid to a tweaker extreme. We are the government and although too many of us are abdicating our right to define our government there are still enough of us who care to vote to keep it about all of us and not some arm of a private takeover to enslave or kill us. Our democracy needs us to be part of it's advancement and instead of burying our heads in the sand on gun control we should be making laws that protect our right to enjoy our weapons safely, while protecting the general public in an enlightened way.

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