Sunday, October 11, 2015

If only we reported the truth (#2445)

The fourth estate, our media, has been shackled and streamlined toward finessing the facts of things so much that it is impossible to divine the truth out of what is being reported. We hear talking points and opinions about the edges of problems but not the truth of the problems themselves. We have too many moneyed interests controlling too many narratives of our news. The facts about deaths due to a lack of healthcare isn't the news, instead it is the socialization of our rigged capitalism that gets the headlines. Because the riggers own the media and that is their narrative. It isn't about the deaths from guns in the hands of mentally ill people, it is the distorted and twisted idea that somehow our 2nd amendment is being violated if guns are regulated in any way. The wealthy, who are showing us that they don't have national pride because they see themselves above American interests, again are the ones who control the media and with our lax laws on truth in advertising and are legally able to change the facts of things enough to fool less intellectual individuals into supporting and electing their stooge candidates and harmful policies. The idea of the fourth estate was to have a free and independent news providing source so that the truth of things could be shown for us to have a say about in our democracy. That idea is moot though since there is no free and independent news sources out there anymore. What we have now is a scramble between ideological positions of the wealthy vs the rest of us. Because of our inept supreme court we have no guidelines for truth telling in public that gives democracy the upper hand over an oligarchic paradigm. This era of Republican politicians and there crony masters will eventually come to and end but will it be in time to save our democracy? I am not much longer for this world since I am on the downhill side of my life but maybe before I go I will be able to witness the death of our current anti-democratic tilt.

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