Thursday, October 15, 2015

Life is short so don't short yourself (#2449)

Too much hesitation or procrastination is not a good thing. once gone, the same opportunity is not likely to show itself again. Regardless of how special we may think we are. lol. I learned that one many years ago and have kicked myself many times for that particular learning. It is one thing to fall short of achieving a goal when the effort to succeed has been attempted. It is quite another thing to have the success offered up on a platter and then dismiss the gift as if it were nothing more than a trifle. Our lives end up the way they are and many of us just chalk it up to destiny or fate. But the reality is that we make thousands of decisions to get us to where we are and destiny or fate have little or nothing to do with it, yet we tell ourselves that anyway. I suppose our species is not quite up to the truth of logic or even too much of the time, common sense. We have the ability but not necessarily a comprehensive view to understand our choices. What has been evident to me is that I made too may choices on a simply understood basis, a basis of right here right now, instead of seeing the bigger picture. A mistake that seems to be particular to our species. However the older we get the more we realize our shortcomings but then the damage has already been done. The truth of our experiences are not communicated in efficient ways to help the younger versions of ourselves, the next generation, avoid the pitfalls we fell into unknowingly. My greatest stumbling block was the idea of the perfect. Never did I allow the really good or almost perfect be acceptable. Instead I chose to move on and keep searching for something that in my view now didn't really exist. I shorted myself from the promise of some things that would have been a delight had I known what I know now. We all have our regrets but some are much more costly than others.

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