Saturday, October 10, 2015

Look beyond the label or catch phrase (#2444)

I have noticed a constant deception over a long period of time with Republican bills they want to pass. They call them something they are not in order to hide the hideous effect these bills will have on we Americans. Like the "right to work" laws they passed over the last few decades. It is catchy isn't? Meant to imply that it opens up possibilities for all to find jobs as a right, yet what the law should actually have been called is "Right to work for less". It is actually an anti union law that seeks to make work less profitable for workers while increasing profits for the captains of industry. What we have all should have learned over the last 4 decades is that the captains of industry don't need any financial help by way of legislation. They enjoy the widest gap in income inequality yet to date so why would we make the gap even wider, depriving American workers of even more income? Because Republicans don't want a prosperous society for all, they only want a prosperous society for those who are wealthy or are soon to become wealthy. Republicans use their catchphrases on bills so that they can have a greater chance of fooling the public into supporting them. Like the Patriot Act. It sounds nationalistic and worthy, but what it does is allow for surveillance on us without constitutional guarantees. Or personhood laws called so to make it appear that it is a law aimed at protecting people's rights when it is actually a bill to deny women control over their own bodies. Everything the Republican party does is some form of denying rights and privileges to the majority of us but many do not see it because of the wrongfully entitled legislation they offer. It is a sad game of intentional dishonesty and it has worked for Republicans because being the protectors of the wealthy they have the wherewithal to advertise their deceptions with unlimited funds.

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