Monday, October 12, 2015

People are not property (#2446)

For most of human history people have been property in one form or another. If not outright owned by others then at least coupled to them through desperation. It is an unfortunate paradigm that has not seen a solution in our human era. That being said it isn't right to accept and continue behaviors that are antithetical to reason and morality. The idea that monetary value has become the highest priority in our civilized world is over shadowing the fact that this is not what we were born to achieve. We are not here to actualize a cost/benefit analysis, on the contrary we are here to enjoy and discover the majesty of existence. Now I know we need some form of give and take in our society so that we all function together in order to offset chaos but not at the expense of individual respect and dignity. I have one rule that I adhere to in my life and that is to cause no harm. It is the least I can do in order to keep my karma, my soul, fulfilled. As we become more enlightened about how archaic and antiquated our commerce and social interactions are maintained we must be ready to be stalwart against those who profit off of the existing paradigms of using one person for the gain of another. The old ways are hard to change despite all the logic and common sense of the need to change. There are too many set in their ways to ever admit that truth. So what we get is disfunction in the face of resistance. We are all born on this planet so the idea that we have to pay to stay here is not manifest destiny as I see it, instead it is a never ending poll tax just for being born. Now I get that we need to produce or entertain or offer some value to society in order to combat the forces of chaos but that we are segregating and entrapping ourselves through a system of economic unfairness has to come to an end. Our species is greater than groveling for life with each other.

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