Sunday, October 4, 2015

Republican politicians have no plan, they just blame (#2438)

Is it not obvious to all yet? I have been seeing it for decades but I know I pay close attention to politics, even to the point of making political science my university major for my bachelor's degree. So I have no excuse for not seeing how stark and bare the Republican agenda is for advancing our nation forward for those of us who are not wealthy. Now this should be clear, 99% of our American citizenry is not wealthy therefore 99% of us are not part of the Republican agenda. So how is that they keep getting elected to public office? Simply by controlling the mechanism of who is eligible to vote and where they vote. Now that is a part of it but not the biggest part. The biggest part is that Republicans have effectively turned our diverse nation from tolerant and respectful of each other into being afraid of each other. They have turned too many of us 99% into bigots full of prejudice and hate. There is a cancer running through the course of our nation's blood that will not be treated as long as Republicans continue to control the levers of public power. We 99% have got to be able to see above the pettiness we are presented with by the 1% of wealthy who are relentless in their narrative to undermine democracy in order to promote division among the rest of us while eventually gaining dispensation from the general laws of all men and women. The cancer in our society is driven by greed and we see its effect when we care to look at our society with a comprehensive view. The wealthy keep getting wealthier while the many of us stay the same or get poorer. There are only so many dollars in an economic society that will maintain their value and if most of the dollars are only going to a few then the rest of us are scrambling ever harder in order to just survive. Republicans are the carriers of the cancer of our economic and social strife so the best possible outcome is for us to exercise what voting rights we have left that Republicans have not taken from us and vote them out of office. Now is the time!

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