Monday, October 19, 2015

The disinformation and lies are coming from the wealthy for the 2016 election (#2453)

The Citizens United decision by the conservative majority on our Supreme Court has given the wealthy an advantage in order to influence our elections. Only those with lots of money benefit from this decision and the rest of us cannot do anything about it for now. What we can do is hold our fire until the day of the election and then let loose with all barrels in voting for our Democrat politicians. The only way we have a chance of succeeding in bringing about a change to our election laws is to vote in the Democrat party that is willing and able to reverse Citizens United and make our elections publicly funded. Our democracy is too important to let the wealthy influence every political public race through unlimited spending especially when they control the narrative that the media reports. The death of our democracy won't come from some outside force invading or conquering our nation. It will come from within by those wealthy greedy ones through the Republican party who feel that America is theirs and the rest of us are just useless and unworthy to be citizens. We will hear over the next year all about how conservatives are the party of the real people and the ones who oppose them are just greedy grifting takers who don't deserve anything they can't earn from the wealthy. Despite that most all new wealth being generated in America is going to the top 1%. /  The wealthy have their economic plan in place in order to reap the benefits of hard working Americans at a disproportionate rate and this income inequality is the worst it has ever been. Now they want the political power as well. They use anti-voting laws to wean the otherwise eligible voter of their right to vote as well as gerrymandering their congressional districts to the point of solidifying their majority in the House of Representatives. The media is their avenue to misinform and convince the otherwise less informed to vote for them as their savior. Hold fast Democrats, keep your attention on the fact that it is only Democrats who want an egalitarian democratic society where everyone has a right and a duty to participate in our American dream.

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