Sunday, October 18, 2015

Using our minds to create a better world (#2452)

How doe we do that? By looking at what bothers us in our society and allowing our minds to change it through our actions. It is like how many streams create a river. If enough of us think about the things that bother us the force of all of us moving in ways to combat the problem will eventually allow us to succeed. We don't all have to do the heavy lifting just enough of a lift to move forward with solutions. It is amazing the strength and energy created when we all somehow end up on the same page. There need not be some blueprint or set of instructions. We just need to not add to the problem while also helping in some little or big way to negate the problem's effect. Our human species through our minds and bodies are always in a state of flux and evolution. Much the same way we evolve over time toward our changing environment, our minds can do the same with bending solutions at the appropriate problems. I keep saying this, our species is amazing and what we don't know we are capable of is glimpsed by our recorded history. 10,000 years ago our human abilities were basic and pedestrian. We moved from being hunter/gatherers to crop and animal cultivators. Like then, we were at the threshold of a new evolution to live and work together instead of in small roaming packs. By bringing ourselves into a society that worked in somewhat harmony we eventually reached the age of enlightenment. From there the industrial world took shape and now we are space explorers, albeit minimally at best. Yet here we are still undefined as to what we can accomplish but buoyed by the fact that our minds continue to imagine and create new paradigms of function for our lives. We are but a link in the chain of human progress and no matter the problem, a solution is just around the corner as our history has struggled but succeeded in showing us.

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