Saturday, October 24, 2015

Voting your interests (#2458)

I don't normally vote for my interests personally but it just happens that my interests are aligning with what I want for everyone. it isn't the other way around. I would be happy with a shirt on my back. But since Democrats are pushing to help the ones with barely that, I can agree with them and advocate for them. You see this is what is going on. the way our American economy is structured, it mainly benefits those who already have a leg up in society. While at the same time a faction, Republicans, are making it harder for all to get that leg up. So we have an economy that favors the already wealthy while a Republican political faction is making it harder for those who don't have privileges and advantages to participate in improving their lives through our economy. This is where the power of the vote makes a difference. By voting, we all get to choose whether we want the Republicans, who make life harder for us, to remain in power, or if we want the Democrats, who want to make life better for us, to control the power. It is all about the power in politics and the sooner we voting citizens realize this the quicker we can get to finding out if we Americans want a democracy that values and respects all lives; or if Americans want an oligarchy which Republicans are hell bent on making our nation become. We the people still have the power to make that decision but the window is closing. How is the window closing you might ask? It is closing because the longer we take to oust Republicans out of power the closer they get to disenfranchising voter rights. In their minds, Republicans would leave the voting only to the wealthy since Republicans think that the rest of us are unworthy of deciding our own future. So if you value democracy and it's core right of voting then you must by all means necessary cast  your next ballot for your own interests, not the interests of someone who would take your vote away.

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