Friday, October 30, 2015

We are falsely conditioned to accept our unimportance (#2464)

You will never amount to anything. I have heard that one many times in my life. Because I failed to live up to someone else's expectation or roadmap for their idea of what success is supposed to be for me. It all starts even earlier than that in how we operate our society. We are turned into automatons at a very young age. We are told that getting a job to work at what pays well and interests us is the ideal for what we should devote our lives toward. Interesting that as humans, we all possess absolutely unique qualities yet we are influenced to strive at being reduced to mechanisms that perform mundane tasks. Our natures are more than an 8 to 4 or 9 to 5 type existence. Our lives are incredible in the grand scheme of our Universe yet we are treated as if we are only useful if we follow some regimen that only secures the ineffective status quo. I know we are evolving as a species yet our evolution is not compatible with our knowledge. We know so much and are learning at increasingly exponential rates yet our society is lagging back in an era where humans are just crude tools for others to fill their coffers for no worthy outcome beyond themselves. It helps that technology and innovation are being advanced but our overall society continues to suffer because the value of the human being is still shackled to the idea that human worth is based upon some calculation with a profit margin at the bottom. The longer we refuse to see ourselves as captives in a society that won't change the longer we will be suffering as fools of our own design. We all have an opportunity to make our society better and if and when that occurs that we all make the change, it will be the next evolutionary step that our species has been stalled for far too long to make.

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