Saturday, October 17, 2015

When will we choose peace and prosperity over death and hardship? (#2451)

Just because we have done things in our human past doesn't mean we have to continue to do things that way. We are not bound by our own historical evolution. We are an enlightened species able to choose the how and what, that will define us going forward. We are not bound to the past as some sort of identification of our natures. Surely our species struggled when logic and common sense were in short supply but that was then, not now. We have matured as a species and are quite capable of engineering our society to reflect our best hopes and wishes instead of our baser instincts. We are not those survival of the fittest creatures Republicans would have us believe we are. They may want that type of halted and stagnant evolution but not we enlightened ones. We prefer to accede to science and logic as our path forward, not some animal instinct that only has a voraciousness for being selfish. I choose to let myself cost little or nothing to anyone else even though capitalism is the economic paradigm. I grate against the idea that profit is the holy grail of success. My life is a beacon for the universe to see and nothing I do is left under a rock for no one to see. I have pride in not only myself but in my species as well. I am in this life for the comprehensive long haul not for some short sighted capitalized profit margin. Which means that every thing I do is aimed at improving myself and knowing as much as I can as well as doing what I can to help others achieve the same. I am a team player and all of us are on the same team. If we are human then we are part of our species and not some lone island devoid of reality. Any society that separates itself from itself is divided and not an effective structure for all to improve. Much like the current income inequality paradigm that we can't seem to recognize as a deficient to our overall progress. We are at an amazing time in our evolution and yet we can't seem to let go of the worst of our natures to realize it.

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