Saturday, February 18, 2017

Bullying has consequences (#2941)

     I am normally a well adjusted individual more than willing to spread happiness and peace to all. It is who I am inside, but do not mistake my nature. I am more than willing to mix it up with anyone who would take advantage of my or others' good hearts. Take for instance the current bully in the White House. He seems to think that he can harm with impunity. Well that is not the case with me. One critical lesson I learned as a young man fighting to keep his dignity and respect is that when the fighting time comes around I have to be willing to trade blows in the struggle to be the victor. There is no shame in beating the bully if the bully is forcing the event.
     Now we have many in our philosophical way of thinking who find that no amount of "getting down into the gutter" with bullies is acceptable. Now in a perfect world I would agree since peace is a mighty principle. Yet, in reality, when that very peace is torn and spit upon by a bully whose intention is to destroy our peace then defending that peace becomes our greatest duty. No amount of wishful thinking or cowering to compromise our rights is ever going to be worth subjecting ourselves to allowing a bully to win without a hard fight. A fight can come in many forms, either by standing firm in our honor and principles willing to go toe to toe or even by letting the bully know that fighting in the gutter is not his exclusive domain.
     Whatever it takes to protect that which is more dear to our hearts is what is needed. We all have our processes for protecting our rights but by my estimation, never allowing an inch is much better than trying to get that inch back. Whatever I have to do to let the bully know he is not allowed in my life is where I begin and if putting some fear into him is my first volley at him then that is how I figure to begin. I have no illusion about death or surviving. Time will tell what happens to all of us but while I am alive I damn well sure will fight against all bullies no matter who they are or what power they think they have. What they will never have is dominion over me in life!

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