Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Our democracy is being hijacked (#2931)

     trump and his cohorts in Congress are stealing our democracy using our own rules to do it. They are eliminating programs that were designed to keep nefariousness to a minimum and they are doing it with a brusque cavalier arrogance. What can we do to stop the outcome of this last election? Well, we the people have consented to be governed by rules of democracy and if those rules are not being honored then that social contract we have is voided. We are no longer giving our consent to the machinations coming from trump and his sickening alliance in Congress.
     It is incumbent upon we the people to rise up and demand a stop to those who were elected to represent us when they no longer do. They have instead chosen to lead our nation further away from democratic ideals and into a dawning of a new paradigm of the wealthy controlling our rights and freedoms. The revolting aspect of their agenda is that one person one vote is no longer established. No longer are our social programs being kept as a buffer against the ravages of privileged and advantaged capitalism. No longer is equality an ideal that is promoted and perfected under American rule. We Americans are in danger of losing the greatest democracy on Earth to trump and his philosophically united republican followers.
     I no longer give my consent to be ruled by an administration that is more fascist than democratic. I will abstain from all attempts by trump and his acolytes to make it appear that his way is the American way. I will resist in every way I can in order to strike at the heart of removing him and his brutish conspirators from office and into prison. I will do nothing to promote our nation while we are under siege from within. This is the worst of times I have ever experienced in a life toughened already. We do not have to give into trump because we have the right to deny him our consent. Our consent is the last option we have to stand on before we get to the point of not returning to a democratic nation we were before the election of November 8th, 2016.

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