Thursday, February 16, 2017

republicans are ripping families apart (#2939)

     Instead of finding solutions to problems that everyone can accept, republicans just tear things apart and destroy what they don't like. It isn't really up for debate in our representative democracy anymore. The republican party has manipulated it's way into power by turning we working middle poor class against one another. Shame on us for allowing it but no doubt republicans deserve much of the credit for it as they truly do lie, cheat and steal with efficient frequency in confusing our electorate to support them. It does go to show though that us Americans are not as smart as we think we are. We have too much self esteem for our ability to figure things out on the run instead of studying the particulars and coming to a reasonable conclusion.
     Our fast food, fast money making schemes and overall unwillingness to work hard the right way is our downfall. We don't buckle down with our schooling and learning in our formative years as we should which leaves many young and older adults looking only for shortcuts through life. We have allowed the republicans to manipulate us and that is where our shame begins. Yet though we are easy prey too often, others have no qualms in taking advantage of our ineptitude. Which makes for a very confusing societal norm. Survival of the fittest in all it's ignominy. We citizens are at blame for being vulnerable and the unscrupulous are to blame for not helping to change the dynamic, but instead manipulating it.
     It is hard to feel sorry for us Americans when we screw each other over in a never ending loop. The world outside us must be just astonished at how a nation so diverse and vital could allow itself to be shackled and whipped. But here we are and the result of it has come to fruition through republican politics. There will be no hiding the republican agenda now that they have removed us scapegoats from power. They, republicans, will show themselves as the cruel masters they long to be and the pain and suffering they cause will hit everyone on every level especially the families of the "others".

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