Saturday, February 11, 2017

Resist resist resist (#2934)

     The rest of our lives, should we survive the republican plan to end most of us, is to resist any and all of their agenda to further enslave the working middle poor class. Yes, we are enslaved as it is by the wealthy corporations and their bought republican party. We have no growth in a minimum wage nationally. We have diminishing food stamp allowances. Welfare is almost non-existent. Social Security, like Medicare, an insurance program we pay into, is being made to be tougher to qualify for. Medicare/Medicaid are being eliminated bit by bit from helping the most vulnerable in our society. Instead the savings from the social programs designed to keep most people out of destitute poverty and higher taxes on the working middle poor class is being handed over to the wealthy as a bonus for them supporting republican politics;
     Our rights that have been adjudicated and settled law over many many decades are now under assault. Especially for women and people of color. Women face the meanest nastiest challenge to their right to control their own bodies. trump and his acolytes want to legislate what women can or cannot do when faced with circumstances forced upon them, like having to bring a child to life that was conceived through rape or incest; As to people of color being discriminated against, republicans do that through voter restrictive laws and immigration reform and travel bans. The large majority of those effected by voter restrictive laws and immigration issues involve people of color.
     While white male homegrown terrorists are excluded from the new rush to protect us from overseas terror attempts, even though they constitute the greatest threat to our safety; trump, our new president only seems to worry about protecting Christianity as the only valid religion and his own business interests and that of his children. Never before has our civilized American society been so dangerously close to being torn apart from within and it is precisely for that reason we must never legitimize trump and always resist at every moment of the day!

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