Monday, February 20, 2017

Resistance (#2943)

     The days go by and we get one more day behind us the worst elected person ever to the presidency of our nation here in America. I am still in shock over the election results and will always doubt the actual legitimacy of the vote we had here. It is unfathomable to my mind that trump could have won fair and square. I have to accept the outcome because I currently have no proof, just intuition and anecdotal evidence. However today is presidents day and as such I am confronted with what to do. This much I know, I cannot in good faith give him any respect or courtesy. He is dead to me as I am to him.
     So what I will continue to do is focus all my energy on promoting what is good about our society and alternatively exposing what the trumps are doing to destroy what is good about our society. He has tried to strong arm our citizenry with threats and intimidation for us to fall in line behind his power grabbing vision and we have not allowed it. We have resisted his bullying with intelligence and defiance. It is what you do with bullies, you force them to back up their bullying. We are not afraid of what he threatens us with, since most of us are fighters who would not knuckle under to a tyrant. So as our resistance goes on and more and more join us due to being forced to face the reality of the mistake of dubious election of trump, our overwhelming force will make him realize that he was "elected" to be our servant, not our master.
     This will only happen if we resist him and his ongoing threats. We must crush his will to lord over us. It is what he wants since his behavior is less than normal and leans heavily toward narcissism. So no flag out today to honor our previous presidents, who although not all great and good at least cared enough for our democracy not to actively attempt to destroy it. Resist in all things for the next, at most, four years and by then we will have united enough of us to remove this trump and his acolytes and all their baggage from our public sphere.

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