Sunday, February 5, 2017

The judiciary is our last line of defense (#2928)

     This is a battle folks. Not only in the field of ideology but in real world consequences. The republicans and trump want nothing less than a survival of the fittest society with the wealthy immune to the rules that the working middle poor class will be forced to follow. We are seeing it already with the protections we had in place under President Obama from the wealthy exploiting our meager opportunities to making laws that stifle our rights, that we expect given the nature of our national constitution. Equality, fairness and justice are being diminished for we working middle poor while the wealthy are given free passes.
     A pay to play scenario for them but who cares since they can afford it. For those of us who cannot it is the punishment of poverty as our destiny. But one thing can still defray the effects of the republican and trump agenda, that being our judiciary. One of the three branches of government is still not controlled wholeheartedly by the trumps of the world. We have honest patriots serving as judges and many of them are not settled on giving the republicans and trump anything they demand. Case in point with the federal judge who stopped what too many of us perceive as the over reach by trump to stop immigration selectively based upon biased reasoning,
     The Supreme Court is another hope for we democracy fighters. The current court is somewhat evenly split ideologically between conservatives and liberals. Not always but enough of the time to generally say so. Without a new justice being seated with a conservative bend, we have what is most likely a stalemate as to how the court will mostly rule. Meaning the Federal Appeals Court decisions will likely remain as the final decision in a lot of cases. One other note, Justice Roberts and Kennedy, conservatives, have been allies with the liberals far more than any liberal has sided with a conservative so there is a decent chance that constitutional questions of high importance may well break with the liberal view if a majority decision does come about.

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