Friday, February 10, 2017

The new era of no civility with the brutes and thieves (#2933)

     I have changed my language quite a bit recently, well since the mind numbing election results of late last year. I had been trying to present a civilized demeanor while rebutting republican held illogical claims and philosophies with respect and proper rules for grammar and discourse. Now I am past that. It is apparent that not getting down in the gutter with them is seen as a weakness they use to exploit the lack of valid logic they espouse. They feel that being louder and more angry is a victory in itself and overcomes the lack of valid logic. So into the breach I go and loaded with every disparaging remark I can remember from my own rough and tumble days and I battle against them on their turf with their language but with my logic.
     I have tried to be civil and it hasn't worked. For many the approach I have now taken hasn't been a problem. In fact a lot of many are in agreement because of their own anger needs an uncensored outlet. How this came to be where we all expected logic to rule the day and instead we got illogic and hatred is now revealing itself. The gloves are off and the my silver tongue is sharpened to slice and dice them until they cry out with their contemptible ridden pejoratives. It is then that I have them because as we all know when their arguments fail they go for the ad hominem, personal attack. I can then slough them off as some ignoramus who has no respect from me and then move on.
     I am so damn angry over the outcome of this last election that my anger is my motivation to crush ridiculousness every time it gets in front of me. I don't fear anything from trump and his acolytes because since he was elected he started the process to kill me and so many like me so why not go down with the greatest fight I have ever fought? I am proud of my liberal progressive philosophy and it's inherent fairness and goodness and no amount of greed and selfishness will ever turn me from being a hero to myself and those who I can directly and indirectly effect. My life is already written no matter who kills me and trump and his policies will/may end my life but they won't control it.

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