Saturday, February 4, 2017

trump has to go (#2927)

     It isn't just me. there are more than 60 million of we voters who cannot stand another minute of his irrational, working middle poor class destroying agenda. Not only that but the new burdens he is putting on our citizens of every economic class through immigration disruptions is unacceptable. We have more problems with home grown terrorists then we have with foreign ones yet he focuses on the foreign ones and lessens restrictions on the homegrown ones. It is as if he is setting us up for another Oklahoma City bombing without any forethought.
     He is also tearing down our social programs that were enacted for our citizenry to pay into our working lives so that we may have a modicum of economic security in our old age. Instead he wants us to invest in Wall Street as our old age retirement where the rules for playing fast and loose with clients savings are being brought back. He wants to disenfranchise 10's of millions of citizens of the opportunity to have health care. He does not deem health care a right of citizenship like most every other civilized nation on the planet.
     His main goal is to instill racist polices that overcome equality and fairness in our social fabric, while instigating and fomenting confrontations with our allies and enemies. Except of course putin's Russia whom he has relied upon for his electoral victory and personal wealth accumulations. Never in the history of our nation has such a dastardly con man been elected to be president. He received almost 3 million votes less than Clinton but because of the quirk in electoral college paradigm, he got to claim victory. He is a charlatan that was able to use the republican machine of deception and lies to claim the White House and for all of that he is now acting like a tyrant bent on glorifying his persona over doing the hard work of improving what is left of our democracy. trump must go!

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