Friday, February 3, 2017

When the governed have no say (#2926)

     The problem here is that almost half the eligible voting electorate chooses not to vote in elections. For those folks they are automatically eliminated from having a voice in how we are governed. Not entirely since they can protest various policies but by then they have already allowed whatever policies facing them to have occurred. For the other half of the voting electorate, there is a split between those who voted for the victor and those who voted against the victor. So approximately one fourth of our eligible voters actually are giving consent to whom is governing us. Yet still, the policies that come from the victor are not required to be what their voters thought what they were voting for.
     So in this last election an electoral college majority elected the victor despite him having less overall votes than his challenger by nearly 3 million votes. He is one of those who says one thing to get elected and then does many things differently once elected. This is why we need to do a better job of vetting candidates on whether they are decent, honest human beings. We didn't do that well enough since we did elect a man who is more con than presidential. Talk is even being bandied about in his first two weeks in office of having a military coup remove him. This is what happens when the victor tries to be an authoritarian figure instead of a peace maker and govern by the will of the consented.
     It is obvious to most all that the victor in our last election is an anomaly in what was expected by too may who voted for him. He is a person who has shown that his allegiance to democratic principles of American history have no value when weighed against his own personal interests and political philosophy. What happens in our very near future is impossible to predict but one thing for sure is that by not engaging those who consented to his leadership, and we who voted against him, he will feel the wrath from us in the form of resistance. Even those who didn't bother to vote are outraged and possibly now sparked to become more engaged in our high priority political process.

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