Sunday, February 12, 2017

Who is watching our backs? (#2935)

     I am so used to how President Obama was always ready to protect us from any impending emergency, both foreign and domestic, while working to decrease existing harms. Yet now with trump, I have no such secure feeling that he will even attempt to be our protector. In fact, I have come to accept that he will not do anything to stop many of us from harm. Even further, he will be pushing to make that harm come about. So the only backs that are being watched are the wealthy donors who pay to play in the republican party.
     We are on our own in a vulnerable position. Not only are there foreign and domestic forces that would harm all of us out of some deranged sense of chaotic ignorance but now our political apparatus is leveraged to ignore most of it. Out of some duty for helping republicans get elected extreme right wing domestic groups are free to conspire to attack those they deem not American. They are also free to subvert equality and justice from their normal civilized practice. Our country is going to be going through some drastic changes where our democracy will be diminished in the name of fear and withdrawal. We are no longer a safe harbor for the oppressed and persecuted, we are the oppressed and persecuted.
     I don't know how we will survive the next 4 years or more but if we don't it won't be a surprise to me anyway. In fact I already consider myself dead regardless if it hasn't happened yet. I have no false illusion that we will be saved by some miracle of fate or justice. In being so clear as to my own demise by trump and his acolytes, I am now free to do whatever I feel is right and good without worrying about a penalty since I know nothing can harm the already dead. Funny how I have to think of myself as dead to get any peace under trump and his conspirators.

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