Monday, June 19, 2017

America, not as much the land of the brave... (#3062)

     It seems that we have exposed ourselves. We Americans are not in an infinite supply of brave souls. Instead we seem to be a more afraid of what could happen than we are bold and brave in making what should happen. We have not carried on a legacy of courage that befitted generations past. We have bullies running our government and instead of standing up to them we bow our heads and scuffle our feet in a cowardly fashion. Surely republicans make the fear real in their threats to harm us but what we don't seem to get is that they are going to harm us regardless of whether we cower to them or stand up to them. The republican party has become the most hateful and selfish political party since our Civil War.
     Yet they are able to control us through their rhetoric of threats and lies. We fall for it because we don't want to rock the boat. Yet the boat is already rocking and when we are the next one thrown out of the boat is only a matter of time. So standing up to them is the only chance we have of actually throwing them out of the boat and then landing the boat in a safe harbor. But we are still not getting that yet so many will have to drown before and if the rest of us decide enough is enough. I feel bad for how our democracy got played by men who benefited from it then turned on it. The con men who have only one psychopathy, control all things they can get their hands on and disregard any harm they may cause.
     If we are to take back our legacy of being brave then we won't let the republican bullies continue to dictate the narrative of reality when their narrative is mostly fantasy. Government is here to serve all of us and if we cannot grasp that principle that generations have fought to maintain through democracy then we deserve to be taken over by the cruel and dishonest. We are not taught to be cowards but we have learned it by not being true to honor, respect and dignity. Time will tell the rest of the American story but for now history will show that our generation has yet to deserve the nobility our fore-parents fought and died for to gift to us. Our shame will be in not holding that gift dear and instead cowering to bullies who would take it from us every day of our lives.

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